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Via Romeo Sartori, 1
36010 Roana (VI)
Tel. 347 1126050



Places to visit

Military Memorial Asiago
Astronomical Observatory Asiago
Bathing-Pond Lonaba of Roana
Archeological site of Bostel of Rotzo and archaeological tour
Fort Corbin near Treschè Conca
British cemeteries of the Great War: Barenthal, Granezza, Cavalletto, Magnaboschi, Boscon.


Museum of Traditional Cimbrian  Roana (a few meters from the B&B)
Museum of the Great War
Museum of Cuchi Treschè Conca
Nature Museum and Educational Laboratory  Asiago
Fossil Museum Gallio
Water Museum Kaberlaba of Asiago
Ecomuseum Great War Prealpi of Vicenza


The Asiago plateau, with its gentle slopes allow many quiet walks in particular from countries with many remote districts.
For example Roana Rebeschini to the district by the lake Roana Lonaba from Roana to Mezzaselva, etc.. 
Other examples offered by the City of Roana


Footpath CAI 801: Graffiti Val d'Assa  (from the site of City of Roana)
Footpath CAI 802: Altar Knotto
Footpath CAI 803: Monte Erio
Footpath CAI 810: Forte Campolongo
Footpath CAI 820: Monte Verena
To see other trails visit the site of CAI Asiago Altopiano dei 7 Comuni

Path of Silence to Campomuletto - Gallio

Mountain Bike

Asiago Bike Resort: guides, routes, equipment, services, etc..
Routes proposed by Magico Veneto
Asiago Bike

Altopiano Bike
Routes proposed by Comune di Roana

Acrobatics park

Acropark near the pond Lonaba - Roana
Agility Forest at Park Millepini - Asiago
Fly Prunno at Prunno - Asiago

Various sports

in addition to tennis, soccer, volleyball, paragliding, etc.. are practicable:  
swimming (pool of Canove), 
ice skating (ice rink of Asiago), 
gliding (Airport of Asiago),
golf (Golf Club Asiago).
You can also practice nordic walking (walking with poles) also using many routes and instructors of Sporting Association Nordwalk


Handling Hotel Orthal Kaberlaba - Asiago
Australian Ranch - Asiago
Appaloosa Horses Gastagh - Gallio

Search mushrooms

The colletion of mushrooms is regulated leak and need a card authorization; collection is allowed only on certain days and the total maximum daily allowance per person is 2 kg (1 kg for some species).


Alpine skiing

Ski Area Verena 2000
Melette 2000

Valbella Skilifts
Skilifts on Asiago plateau
Ski School Verena
Ski School Enego 2000
Ski School Asiago

Asiago Ski

Cross Country Skiing

The Asiago Plateau, due to its shape, it is ideal for the practice of cross country skiing, there are many centers fund with more than 500 km of pistes for all levels. List of ski track of the plateau.

Skiing Center Campolongo
Skiing Center Cesuna

Skiing Center Asiago Golf Arena

Skiing Center Fontanella

Skiing Center Gallio

Skiing Center Monte Corno
Skiing Center Enego Valmaron

Skiing Center Millegrobbe

Super Nordic Ski Pass

Ski Montaineering - Ski touring - Snonwshoeing

Some backcountry skiing rautes.
Many hiking and ski trails with snowshoes can be made along several military roads that run through the Highlands, for the choice of routes is recommended the use of paper 1:25000  "Altopiano dei 7 Comuni" published by the "Sezioni Vicentine del CAI" in 2008 which also includes help with descriptions of 20 hiking and snowshoeing. 

Bed and Breakfast Monte Verena - Via Romeo Sartori,1 - 36010 Roana (VI)